The Provencal
The Provencal The Provencal The Provencal

35% Cayon, 35% Picholine, 15% Tanche, 15% Bouteillan

French olive varietals are quite uncommon in California with most being Italian or Spanish origin, so this is a very special olive oil. This 4-olive blend is from a grower in Paso Robles, well known for their wine! This certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a rich, buttery flavor profile and though less peppery and pungent than The Meld or Arbequina, this oil is unmistakably fresh and robust. It was harvested a few weeks later than the olives in our other two EVOO’s so has a higher proportion of black vs. greener olives which makes it slightly milder.

Use it where a less assertive oil would be best, like in baking or in a homemade French aoli sauce. We have covered a young roasting chicken with The Provencal, rosemary, thyme & sage for a classic, rustic dish to highlight this French blend.  

Harvested early December 2023 and bottled to order.
Available in both 500mL and 250mL sizes