Grown out of a passion for our very own locale and what it can produce, Doug Kilgour, along with his daughter Kate, founded Grove Provisions to gather the fruits of California’s Central Coast and beyond, resulting in a collection of distinct, handcrafted artisan goods.

Sharing a meal is one of the oldest traditions of community and we invite you to join us at the dinner table and enjoy our California, artisan-produced goods including 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Flavored Oils, and Vinegars derived from local fruits, as well as Pantry items from local sources.

Grove Provisions is connecting the farmer to the family and celebrates local community interests and talent. For us, the blending of olive varietals and the “terroir” of the groves, is similar to wine making here on the Central Coast: there is a thoughtfulness behind each bottle and a quality in taste that is second to none.

Our organically produced extra virgin olive oils boast the seals of the USDA Organic and California Grown (CA Grown). The Central Coast is a region known for its fertile land, Mediterranean climate, and complex landscape. This unique combination yields an abundance of healthy & organic produce.

We would like to remind you that our handcrafted products can be found in select retail stores and winery tasting rooms around the California Central Coast…and online, here. Now take a deep breath, prepare your senses, and enjoy!

Grove Provisions


Our olive oil artisans pride themselves in the honesty of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). In fact it is literally just a few hours duration from the tree to milled olive oil, ready to enjoy! Our California olives are harvested each November through December and the resulting oil is certified “extra virgin”, with each year’s pressing noted on the label. Freshness and purity are hallmarks of California EVOO, unlike many of the Mediterranean oils prominently displayed on store shelves. We fill each bottle directly from the barrel one by one as orders are placed. Each bottle is dated when filled. This bottle-to-order process ensures the high quality and supreme freshness that we want to share with you.