100% Arbequina
100% Arbequina 100% Arbequina 100% Arbequina 100% Arbequina

Our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Certified USDA Organic!

Stemming 100% from a small yet complex Spanish olive known as the Arbequina, this locally-grown olive produces a powerhouse Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasting a buttery profile of green almonds, green grass, and botanic fruits.

This is our flagship EVOO. Olive oil is just not for dipping bread… it is a key ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Its consistent flavor lends itself to many types of recipes including baking, dressings, marinades, bean dips and especially pesto. This beautifully balanced oil will really enhance a dish. We love to make homemade beet chips with this grassy EVOO!

Harvested November 2023 and bottled to order. 

Available in both 500mL and 250mL sizes.