Basil Olive Oil
Basil Olive Oil Basil Olive Oil Basil Olive Oil

Our Basil Olive Oil is Certified USDA Organic!

Everyone’s favorite Mediterranean herb brings an aromatic and fresh flavor to recipes, as well as health benefits by acting as a digestive aid. Hand-harvested organic basil is cold-pressed together with late harvest Arbequina olives to deliver a balanced herbal flavor. Basil is another kitchen essential that we idolize, and now its flavor can easily be added to meals alongside the powerful fusion of olive oil.

Enjoy GP Basil Olive Oil as the foundation of a bright chimichurri, which makes this sauce crave-able as a chicken marinade, a taco condiment or here, atop a grilled tri tip steak. This oil also thrives in pasta sauces, fish dishes, and for a change of pace: drizzled over fresh heirloom tomatoes this summer.

Harvested December 2023 and bottled to order.

Available in 250mL size only.